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A fire protection company with over 25 years experience in the sector providing all aspects of passive fire protection across the UK.

A comprehensive range of fire protection services including fire stopping up to 240 minutes rating, intumescent paint up to 2 hours rating, fire barriers, fire curtains, fire protection to timber ceilings, floors etc.

Our services include a full survey and most cost effective way of ensuring the safety of persons working within the building, to pinpoint areas that require fire protection and fire stopping, also to assess existing fire protection is compliant with regulations and the fire ratings required.

A full report will be drawn up and issued to yourselves after inspection and advice given about the findings, we also have a professional team of installers to carry out the works if required.

We can also provide quotations for passive fire protection systems that have already been identified as enquiry's for quotations.

We offer a full comprehensive service from identifying needs to completion of works, regular surveys and remedial works if and when required.

We are fully third party accredited for all our services for materials & products installed, third party certification for installers is a process where the contracting company is seen to employ appropriately trained staff to install the required passive fire protection system products tested and evidence tested to cover performance of the product range installed to manufacturers instructions.

The work is independently audited by site inspections from a third party organization and a full record system is submitted as part of the scheme. The use of trained CSCS passive fire protection installers NVQ Level 2 Diploma Skilled Worker is intended to reduce the incidents of any passive fire protection being installed by unskilled or inappropriate contractors and the use of unsuitable materials for there works.

Upon completion a certificate of conformity is issued to the main contractor for each contract.

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With a central location we can easily provide fire protection services to the whole of the UK.

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