Fire Protection Specialists

We are approved applicators of FSI, Jotun, Rockwool, Firetherm, Nullifire, Knauf, British Gypsum and Sherwin Williams all paint and firestopping products.

We are also applicators of all types of internal and external decorative and protective industrial coatings. Other services we offer include fire blankets, fireboards and intumescent thin film coatings.

Compound Fire Protection

Intucompound is a dry powder mix formed of inorganic binders, lightweight aggregates and stable additives. The product does not contain fibres or asbestos and is halogen free. An excellent gypsum-based fire barrier and a physically strong barrier in floors.

Ideal for static joint seals, floor seals, wall seals, load capable seals and can also be used for fire and smoke sealing around cables, pipes, dampers and ducting.

Compound fire protection provides integrity and insulation for up to 240 minutes.

Intucompound Fire Protection

Barrier Fire Protection

Intubatt fire protection is a unique multi layered, low resin bonded, rock mineral fibre board. It can be over coated using a suitable emulsion or eggshell paint for decoration.

Ideal to seal openings in fire compartment walls and floors around services such as dampers, pipe work and electrical cabling.

Barrier fire protection can provide up to 240 minutes of integrity in blockwork and 120 minutes integrity, and insulation in drywalls.

Intubatt Fire Protection

Sealant Fire Protection

Intumastic fire protection is a water based acrylic sealant used to provide a flexible seal to joints in blockwork or head of wall requiring movement of up to 10%. It can be applied in gap widths of up to 25mm.

Ideal for for sealing around internal pipes and cables and can be painted over using acrylic paints.

Sealant fire protection provides up to 240 minutes fire and integrity.

Intumastic Fire Protection

Intumescent Paint Fire Protection

Intumescent paint is applied to structural steel to protect against fire. Most intumescent paint coatings are sprayed onto the steel surface providing a quick and cost effective fire protection on structural steelwork.

When activated by the heat of a fire the intumescent coating generates a foam-like char. This swelling reduces the heating rate of the steel and ensures it is not exceeded during the fire resistance period.

Intumescent paint provides up to 120 minutes of fire protection. It can also be applied to timber enabling the natural beauty of the wood to show through whilst providing protection against flame spread. A great solution to ensure timber within heritage buildings can comply with the latest regulations whilst retaining their aesthetics.

Intupaint Fire Protection

Collar Fire Protection

Collar fire protection is a metal shell produced in two hinged halves which are lined with intumescent material. These can be placed around UPVC pipes and fixed to compartment walls and floors with steel anchors.

Ideal for industrial buildings with large piping.

Collars can provide up to 240 minutes of fire protection.

Intuwrap Collar Fire Protection

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